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Wellington Retaining Walls Removal And Construction ​

Retaining walls are primarily used to prevent soil erosion, create usable beds from steep terrain, and provide aesthetic or practical landscaping features. They can be standalone constructions or part of a larger construction project. Planning permission is required if the wall is more than one metre high and adjacent to a road or pathway or more than two metres high elsewhere. Independent, freestanding retaining walls may not need building code approval; however, all constructions must be structurally solid and carefully maintained. 

​If you need a retaining wall contractor in Wellington, call Wellington Demolition professionals.  We can take care of all the necessary procedures to remove and re-create sturdy retaining walls.

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Saving A Failing Retaining Wall​

​Save your retaining wall before it collapses. Unless your retaining wall has completely deteriorated, your most practical move is to have it repaired. In most cases, retaining wall experts can quickly identify issues. Significant damage such as torn down walls, detached walls, or leaning walls may need to be replaced to prevent mishaps.

If your retaining wall is showing any of the above-mentioned signs. Or whether you are looking to repair or replace your retaining wall for upgrade or expansion, feel to call us.


Signs That You Need to Replace Your Retaining Wall

​One of the most common reasons for retaining wall failure is poor drainage, substandard materials, and improper installation. The wear and tear, or soil compression or expansion will also impact the solidity of your retaining wall.

When your retaining wall shows signs of failing, the best option is to replace it for safety. The following are some signs for retaining wall replacement.

  • Tilting – This is a common and inevitable issue caused by poor construction, improper reinforcement, or poor drainage. The weight of water accumulation behind the wall can also cause the soil to expand, putting too much pressure on the wall so it tilts outward.
  • Separation from adjacent walls – This issue is caused by poor design or faulty execution. If the wall is not enough to bear the weight of the soil, inadequate reinforcement can lead to breaking, cracking, or separation. Expanding soil can also cause separation, which is why you need to take action immediately to prevent further damage.
  • Crumbling wall – Crumbing wall is due to improper design execution or poorly mixed concrete. When the soil expands or due to harsh weather conditions like flooding, a poorly built wall can easily give in.

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