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The use and disposal of asbestos will face significantly harsher penalties under the new 2015 Health and Safety Standards. Under this law, any building renovation or removal must first undergo an asbestos survey, and the site must display an asbestos register. Building owners must ensure that no one is exposed to it, including installers, renovators, and demolition contractors.

Asbestos removal in Wellington becomes easy with Wellington Demolition Contractors. Our trained personnel can remove and dispose of hazardous demolition materials, including asbestos, safely and effectively.

​Pay for what you need instead of dealing with multiple companies to handle your asbestos disposal in Wellington, NZ. For more information about our asbestos removal service, call us to book an appointment.​

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What Is Asbestos​?

​Asbestos is a naturally occurring minerals made up of heat-resistant fibers, which make it an extensively used fire retardant for most buildings and homes in NZ.  Without proper management, removal, or disposal, asbestos exposure can lead to health risks such as mesothelioma, lung cancer, and other sever diseases.

Asbestos removal can prove dangerous in the wrong hands. Wellington Demolition NZ can provide independent licensed asbestos removal control or management professionals. We are aware of the strict guidelines for safe asbestos encapsulation and removal in NZ and can provide full asbestos removal specification to lessen the risk and cost, and help clients ensure stringent legislative compliance in the removal of asbestos.


Safest Asbestos Disposal Wellington, NZ​

Appropriate planning – Licensed professionals will be in changed with the technical know-how during assessment of the job site, and the size and severity of the asbestos abatement or removal project. Before take on a job, we always make assessment of the situation and meet how to proceed with the project. 

Prep Work on the Job Site – After careful planning and consideration of vital matters, including a successful contract, we will start prepping the work area. The goal is to seal off the area to prevent air pressure and prevent exterior contamination. Warning signs will be posted in strategic locations to alert that asbestos project is underway.

Wearing personal safety protection –We require all of workers to wear an N-100 or P-100 respirator and complete protective clothing and gear to prevent asbestos exposure.   We also follow a complete pre-decontamination and post work decontamination on for our employees.

Safety protocols in the work area – All HVAC systems will be shut down and disabled. Workers will be on full protective gear as they work. Asbestos waste will be segregated and sealed in our designated trash bins. All containers are leak-tight, with lids and proper labeling. Decontamination units will be also available in the premises.

Decontamination procedures – Our work strictly follows decontamination procedures to ensure safety for workers and prevent them from tracking asbestos into their homes. Rest assured that due diligence is practiced in the work place.