Concrete Cutting in Wellington

Wellington Concrete Cutter And Driller​

If you want to hire concrete and masonry equipment and services, reach out to us. We offer power tools that will assist you with all of your masonry projects, such as concrete mixing, concrete cutting, grinding, concrete vibration, and more.

In many cases, you will need various concrete and masonry equipment to execute a job from start to finish. If you’re repairing or rebuilding a driveway, walk, or other areas, you’ll need to break or drill the existing concrete. Then, you also need to remove it before you can start pouring new concrete.

If you’re working on a major project, you should consider renting heavy-duty concrete saws or petrol concrete breakers. Take a look at our tile scribe cutters for a small, around-the-house project like bathrooms. Using our tools and expertise, you can get a smooth or rough concrete surface depending on what you need.​

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Basic Concrete Cutting Process​​

Having the knowledge of basic concrete cutting is essential in getting the job done right. Although various methods of execution exist nowadays,  here are some basic steps of cutting concrete to guide you of the steps we needed to do.

  • First, we lay out the area of concrete to be cut.
  • Using a hand caw, we will cut up 4 inches deep or depending on the work needed to be done.
  • To achieve deeper cuts, we use an industrial grade cutting machine to work.
  • We cut concrete to the correct depth, ensure precision as a requirement for the next job.
  • We proceed with care while taking into consideration precision and timely results delivery.

No job is too small for Wellington Demolition Service. We can handle all concrete cutting needs for commercial, industrial, and residential projects. You can trust our team who have years of experience in concrete demolition, concrete repair, or concrete sawing. Contact us today for more information.